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5 Green Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Office Clean

Green office cleaning makes a big difference. It creates a healthy environment in your office that directly impacts the productivity of your employees. Moreover, it creates a great impression on visitors.


Below are 5 green office cleaning tips to keep your office clean:

Don’t allow the Use of Chemical-based Cleaning Products

Chemical-based cleaning products create a harmful environment in the office and contribute to pollution. Therefore, you should ban the use of chemical-based cleaning products. Ask your cleaning staff to use green cleaning products only.

Don’t Allow the Use of Air Freshener

Air fresheners also make the inside environment polluted. They contribute to risks of several health issues, including cancer, reproductive health, asthma, and chemical pneumonia. So, instead of using air fresheners, use natural oils and herbs.

Remove furniture with PBDE

PBDE stands forPolybrominated diphenyl ethers and is used as a flame retardant on old furniture. Over time, the compounds break down and release dangerous metabolites which are linked to cancer. So, remove old furniture on which this chemical has been used.

Keep In door Air Quality Clean

Ensure proper ventilation in your office. If possible, it will be beneficial to open the windows so that fresh air can enter. Plus, have the HVAC systems cleaned properly because they make the inside environment poor if they are dirty.

Create a Cleanliness Policy

You cannot create a healthy environment in your office unless your workers cooperate with you. Therefore, instead of making a cleanliness policy yourself and then imposing that policy on your employees, set a meeting with your team and have a detailed discussion with them to know what they think about cleanliness in the office. Of course, everybody wants to remain in a clean and healthy environment, so this way, everybody will give you useful suggestions to make your policy and your policy will be prepared with their participation.

In addition to following these above mentioned suggestions, hire a professional office cleaning company, because an untrained staff cannot do the same detailed cleaning of the office.

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