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AJP Building Maintenance – Offering The Best Restaurant Cleaning Services in Vancouver

AJP Building Maintenance boasts the best cleaning services for almost every industry in Vancouver. We provide the highest quality and most professional janitorial and cleaning services for a wide range of businesses, from offices and retail stores, to school buildings and restaurants.


AJP Building Maintenance is a reliable and safety focused cleaning services company, which ensures that all of our staff is comprehensively trained in the most safe and secure methods. For instance, AJP Building Maintenance has rolled out an occupational health and safety program to ensure that all staff have the ability to minimize the risk of danger, or injury while on any job.

What to expect from AJP’s Restaurant Cleaning Services

AJP Building Maintenance provides a variety of restaurant cleaning services, meaning you can custom build a cleaning schedule that works best for your restaurant. AJP offer weekly or daily rates for restaurant cleaning, so you can provide a spotless and appetizing environment for your valuable customers.

Our cleaning teams are extremely well equipped and trained to tackle every single aspect of restaurant cleaning, including but not limited to:

• Dining area

• Kitchen

• Staff quarters

• Entrance area

• Lounge area(s)

• All types of floors (tiled, wooden, carpeted, etc.)

• Rugs and upholstery

• Washrooms

• Parking lot

Deep cleaning services for greasy kitchen walls, flooring and any other equipment, as well as frequent oven and grill cleaning are readily available from our experienced cleaning teams.

Our expert cleaners are ready to undertake challenging areas such as floor care, which may involve waxing, stripping and polishing floors on a regular basis.

Should you renovate your restaurant, the professional cleaners from AJP will make sure the construction waste, debris and dust are thoroughly cleaned and your restaurant left with a flawless finish.

Of course, our cleaning equipment is of the highest standards, and you can rest assured in the knowledge that all of our cleaning products are environmentally friendly and safe, which minimizes the risk of any contamination while guaranteeing a clear environmental conscience.

AJP also offers excellent rates for special events, ensuring your restaurant venue will be in immaculate shape ahead of an event, and be thoroughly cleaned afterwards.

The high standards held by AJP Building Maintenance are paramount for any restaurant manager in search of the best restaurant cleaning services in Vancouver, so do not hesitate to contact us today to request an estimate.

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