Post by: Admin November 14, 2019

Benefits of Choosing Cedar for Your Fencing

Are you surfing the web to discover the best fencing option for your home? This is the time to get introduced to a highly popular fencing choice in Vancouver, and the name of this choice is cedar.

Here are some great benefits of cedar fence installation in Vancouver.


Cedar is a highly durable fencing choice that can serve you for a long time. Unlike other woods, cedar can easily deal with bad weather conditions, even the harshest weather conditions cannot damage it. Cedar planks have natural oils in them. Insects hate these natural oils. Termites don’t try to eat away the cedar planks. The wood retains its appearance and shape even in harsh weather conditions. Cedar can change its moisture content to match the environment it is in.


Cedar fencing can enhance the look of your home. It comes in many textures, colours, and grains. You can choose the wood that seems most appealing to your eyes. The natural look of cedar is quite beautiful. So, you don’t need to paint it. However, if you paint it, then it will not turn grey over time. It is recommended to paint it with a wood stain every two years.


Cedar fences can protect your privacy. The solid wooden structure does not allow people on the road to breach your privacy. They cannot see what you are doing in your yard. Since the wood does not have holes or gaps, it blocks sound as well. One more important fact, the wood protects your property from intruders.

Temperature Control

This may surprise you. but is true that cedar fencing in your yard can control the temperature of your yard. Cedar fences have natural air pockets that insulate your place.

If you want to know more about cedar fence installation benefits or want an expert to install it for you, contact us. We specialize in cedar fence installation in Vancouver and assure you of providing high-quality installation service at the most competitive price.