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Post by: Admin April 23, 2020

5 Vital Factors to Consider When Hiring Cleaning Services

As a homeowner, it’s your duty to keep your house spotless. Doing so will make you live an active and healthy lifestyle. You may choose to do the cleaning on your own (once or twice a week), but do you think that one-time cleaning is enough to get a sparkling clean house? Not at all!

While cleaning, you may have a hard time reaching out to all those hidden corners where dust and dirt have accumulated over time. Even it is tough for you to lift and move the heavy furniture, which is why it’s advisable to seek assistance from a professional company that provides unequaled cleaning services.

Here are five of the most important factors you need to consider when making an informed decision of hiring the best cleaning service provider.

Well-trained and Professional Staff: When it comes to hiring someone for cleaning your property, make sure you have hired a reliable company that will send out their professional and trained staff for proper cleaning of your house. If the staff is wearing a company uniform and equipped with the right tools or materials for cleaning purpose, it displays their level of professionalism. Never hesitate to ask a couple of questions to clarify your doubts. Doing so will help you determine how long they have been in the industry and if they are properly trained.

Location: Location plays a very crucial role when it comes to choosing the best cleaning services. Make sure the company you are likely to work with is located close to your home. That way, it will help in the effectiveness of the type of work they do. When you need them to arrive at your home for the much-needed cleaning services, all it takes is one call to have them come over. They will be right at your doorstep before you even know it. Hiring cleaners that are far from your house may be inconvenient to both parties when you consider things like time and transport costs.

Reasonable Charges: Don’t get carried away with excellent services. You must check on the prices the cleaning service provider offers. Try to find out if the company is offering you the right services you need within your budget.

References: You may have a hard time trying to identify a reputable cleaning company on your own. Thus, you must look for references from the people in your social circle. They could be your family members, friends, neighbours, and even your colleagues. Ask them about the quality of work the company provides.

Reputation: Hiring a cleaning service provider with a good reputation is of paramount importance. A good reputation indicates that the company offers the highest quality cleaning services to its clients. It’s good to ask for references of the previous customers who had hired their services to clean residential or commercial property. This will give you an insight into what you can expect from the company.

If you’re looking for the best cleaning services for your home, contact AJP Building Maintenance Services Ltd. and see how they can help you have a spic and span home.

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Post by: Admin March 25, 2020

4 Advantages of Hiring Domestic Cleaning Services

Though you can clean your home by yourself, you should think about hiring domestic cleaning services for it. You may ask why you should pay somebody to clean your home when you can do it on your own. The reason is, professional cleaning will benefit you in many ways. What ways? Read this blog. We are going to tell you the top 4 benefits of hiring professional domestic cleaning services for your home.

Saves a Lot of Time for You

Hiring a professional domestic cleaner will save you a lot of time. You will not have to hold other important tasks to clean your home. Also, you will have more time to relax as well as spend with your family.

Creates A Healthy Environment

Most people clean their homes with regular cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals and create a toxic environment in their homes. Long exposure to that toxic environment affects the health of people in their homes. On the other hand, professional cleaners use eco-friendly products. These products clean homes without contaminating the indoor environment. Thus, hiring a professional cleaner will create a healthy indoor environment and protect you and your family from the health problems that chemical-based cleaning products cause.

Make Your Home Free of Germs and Bacteria

When you clean your home by yourself, you miss many places where germs and bacteria hide. Thus, you allow germs, bacteria, and viruses to live in your home. On the other hand, professional cleaners don’t leave any place to ensure your home should be free of germs, viruses, and bacteria. They use their skills, experience, and equipment to eliminate them.

Reduce Healthcare Cost

Professional cleaning of your home protects your kids from various infections that they can suffer from because of a dirty environment in your home. Next, it makes life easy for people suffering from several types of allergies. Furthermore, it protects your family from being exposed to a toxic environment created by regular cleaning products. Thus, professional cleaning reduces your expenses on healthcare. So, you have more savings that you can use for your other requirements.

By now, you must have understood why we have advised you to hire professional domestic cleaning services for your home. To get the best quality domestic cleaning service at the best price, give us a call now. We provide specialized domestic cleaning services in Surrey, Langley, Vancouver, Richmond, White Rock, and Delta.

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Post by: Admin July 10, 2019

5 Signs of Top-Quality Junk Removal Services

One person's trash is another man's treasure. Yet, it refers to any item that has no importance to the current owner. In fact, such items occupy space and seem more of an eyesore. Unused appliances, old furniture, mattresses, yard waste, etc. are all junk items that you want removed from your home.

Hiring professional junk removal services in Surrey is a smart move, if you are looking to get rid of all those items you don't need any longer. Avoid committing to a service or signing a contract, before you give the go-ahead to their junk removal services.

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Post by: Admin June 19, 2019

Why Hiring Junk Removal Services is a Smart Move

No matter how much space you have in your home, it will sooner or later be filled up with several things you may or may not need in future. When you need that space, you suddenly realize that it's rather overloaded with stuff. Now, the question arises "How can I dispose of all the useless stuff?" Well, the answer to your question lies with professional junk removal services in Vancouver.

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Post by: Admin March 6, 2019

Reasons to Use Professional Cleaning Services for Your Home

Ever wondered why you should use professional cleaning services for your Surrey home? Well, the answer almost seems to be a no-brainer. Needless to say, you want to keep your home in spotless condition, and you would appreciate someone coming over and cleaning your house for you.

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