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Post by: Admin September 19, 2022

Tips to Create a Clean Environment for your Office

There are several benefits to keeping your office clean. It not only works to prevent the transmission of germs and bacteria, but it also shields your office's furnishings and equipment from damage. For janitorial services in Langley, get in touch with the experts AJP Building Maintenance Services Ltd. AJP Building Maintenance Services Ltd is a front runner in providing the best cleaning services for industrial, strata, residential and commercial sectors in Surrey and Vancouver at the best possible price. These experts will keep customer satisfaction as the main focus for businesses and work towards building a happy and long-term relationship with them. They also offer their services in the lower mainland area, focusing on professional and thorough cleaning services.

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Post by: Admin December 8, 2021

Top 5 Tips to Consider to Make your Office Clean

Keeping your commercial space cleaned is a tough task. From office desks to working surfaces, it is very important. Thus, you can easily get Janitorial Services Surrey from experts like AJP Building Maintenance Services. They will effectively provide janitorial cleaning at the best, affordable prices. These professionals have vast years of experience and help to keep your office clean with their effective cleaning services. Here are some amazing tips that you must consider while keeping your space tidy, sanitized and clean. So, read the blog till the end to learn these top 5 tips.

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Post by: Admin August 17, 2021

Things You Must Know To Care For Your Building In This Pandemic

The pandemic has been ruling all over the world. Therefore, it is very important for you to keep precautions and take preventive measures to stop the virus from being spread in your workplace. We recommend that you get janitorial cleaning Vancouver from cleaning experts. They will effectively clean your workplace or commercial building and prevent the virus from being spread to a large number of people. In these uncertain times, you need to follow up with some preventive measures that will not disrupt your business and will also provide you with the best odds of not being infected by this virus.

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Post by: Admin July 5, 2021

When You Should Take Deep Cleaning Services For Your Office Or Home?

If you are confused about how often you should take Janitorial Cleaning Delta services, then we are here for you. We have come up with some essential information about janitorial service Surrey that you can take from AJP Building Maintenance Ltd.

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Post by: Admin June 10, 2021

Should You Opt for Electrostatic Disinfection Janitorial Services?

The pandemic has created the worst situation that leads everyone to focus on being careful and safe. Therefore, many people are opting for various disinfecting methods to clean their facilities. If you are one of them, then you should get janitorial cleaning services from experts like AJP Building Maintenance Ltd. They are experts in providing janitorial cleaning Vancouver services. There are various methods of cleaning surfaces. One of them is the electrostatic disinfection method. This type of method was developed and patented in late 1940. Many people have started using this method to clean surfaces. This is because it has the ability to disinfect large and inconspicuous surfaces.

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Post by: Admin September 29, 2020

How to Know if You Are Getting Good Janitorial Services in Vancouver

If you own an organization, or building that is cleaned by janitorial services in Vancouver then you want to know that you are receiving the best janitorial service possible. There are some things you can look out for from your janitorial services provider that we will detail in this post. This way, you will know whether your janitorial service is worth it, or if you should be looking elsewhere for janitorial services in Vancouver.

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Post by: Admin August 6, 2020

Benefits of Janitorial Services

If you are unhappy with the work of your current cleaner and looking for their replacement,we will advise you to hire a janitorial services provider in place of them. Why? Here are the top benefits of hiring janitorial services in surrey. The first and most obvious advantage of janitorial services is that your business place looks clean and makes your employees and customers feel better. Even though it is a basic requirement, many businesses take cleanliness in their office for granted as a result, their bathrooms, floors, and other areas become unhygienic. If you take janitorial services, they will make your space clean and hygienic that will create a great impression on first-time visitors. They will appreciate the clean environment in your business, give positive reviews, and return to you in the future.

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Post by: Admin December 6, 2019

Create a Great First Impression on Your Customers with the Appearance of Your Office

Keep your office clean, shining, and well-organized because your office speaks a lot about the way it is organized, but a dirty and messy office speaks even more. Your untidy and unorganized office looks incredibly unappealing and creates a negative impression of yours on your clients.

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Post by: Admin May 29, 2019

The Significance of Hiring Janitorial Services Vancouver for Your Business

Considering it to be an additional investment, many business people avoid hiring professional janitorial services and hire an in-house cleaner to maintain cleanliness in their offices. Though they hire an in-house cleaner as a cost-cutting measure, they lose more than what they think.

Here are some good reasons that will explain why you should hire an experienced janitorial services company for your business.

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Post by: Admin May 15, 2019

Professional Janitorial Services Surrey for Your Office Building

You have the option of hiring your own in-house cleaning team or hiring a professional janitorial services provider for ensuring proper cleanliness in your office building. Both have their pros and cons, but most business people prefer professional janitorial cleaning over building their own cleaning team, because of the numerous benefits of janitorial cleaning services.

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