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Did You Know These Facts About Office Cleaning?

An average employee goes through almost 10 millions bacteria every day at their workplace. This number can be reduced only by specialized commercial cleaning services. In this blog, we are going to share several such facts about office cleaning that will surprise and shock you at the same time.

Office Cleaning

1. Office kitchens need serious attention because they are a major carrier of diseases in employees that directly affect an organization’s bottom line.

2. The office desks are often found several times dirtier than toilet seats. Ensuring proper cleaning of the office desks daily, can reduce the sick leaves requests in your office.

3.  Your office phone is no different from your office desks. It may have more than 20000 germs per square inch. So, its cleaning also needs a serious attention.

4.  The places that are not clean regularly in offices add almost 30% more bacteria daily.

5.  Bathroom taps create the highest risk of spreading illnesses. They need proper cleaning daily.

6.  15 -20% of men and 10-12% of women employees don’t wash their hands after going to the toilet. Their dirty approach makes not only them sick but also their coworkers because they pass the bacteria from their hands to theirs through the use of shared spaces.

7.  More than 95% employees are affected by a contagious disease in their professional life due to poor workplace sanitation.

8.  75% of toilets fail to meet the hygiene standards. That dirty environment affects the health of users.

9. Using chemical based cleaning products in cleaning offices can make the indoor environment toxic and affect the health of employees.

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