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First Rate Commercial Cleaningin Vancouver

Finding the services of a high quality cleaning company is no mean feat. It is important that your commercial premises look and feel clean, neat, organized and hygienic at all times in order to satisfy and impress your clients. Therefore it is vital to find a company for commercial cleaning in Vancouver that you can truly trust to do the job right, every time.


AJP Building Maintenance Services offer commercial cleaning services for any type of business – from office and school buildings to restaurants and other food service companies. Our highly qualified and experienced cleaning teams are efficient, knowledgeable and flexible to do the job whenever its suits you. We understand that not all businesses operate during traditional hours, which is why our services are available around the clock. Take a read through the more common types of businesses to whom we provide commercial cleaning in Vancouver and the surrounding area.

Retail Venues:

At AJP, we understand how important it is to have a gleaming and bright store and shopfront to entice customers to come in and spend. Any potential customers browsing your store will appreciate a spotless and fresh environment that they are comfortable to spend as long as they wish in. AJP offers retail-cleaning services to suit your schedule, so your retail venue is sure to look fresh, clean and inviting, every day of the week.

School Cleaning:

It is important in many ways to maintain a clean and hygienic learning environment for pupils of all ages. Not only does it set a great example to younger students; it also helps to keep them safe, healthy and free from any contagious viruses that can often spread easily in people-dense areas such as classrooms and gym halls.

Office and Facilities Cleaning:

AJP offers a wide range of services for commercial cleaning in Vancouver business premises. From ensuring that desk surfaces, carpets, floors and restrooms are cleaned regularly to tending to windows, staircases and more, we offer a comprehensive service that will help you ensure that your staff and clients will always feel comfortable and content when inside your building. AJP is flexible and available to work around your busy schedule; you can choose on-going cleaning services, regular deep cleaning or anything in between.

Restaurant Cleaning:

It is important to maintain a sanitary and spotless environment in any restaurant, from the dining area, to the restrooms, to the kitchen space, for both hygienic and safety reasons and for customer satisfaction. At AJP, we understand what customers want, and make sure that every nook and cranny of each restaurant we service is left looking polished and flawless, from the windows to the upholstery. By hiring us to clean your restaurant, you can rest assured that you are keeping both your clients and employees protected from any risk of contamination.

Call BC Janitorial, or search our website for more information about commercial cleaning in Vancouver. Our wide range of services is available around the clock to help ensure that your commercial premises are clean and inviting for everyone.

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