Post by: Admin October 23, 2018

Five Basic Office Cleaning Tips

Keeping your office clean is important for many reasons –to build your brand image and reputation, to create a good impression on visitors, to provide a healthy work environment to your employees, and ensure high productivity.

Five Basic Office Cleaning Tips

Below we have listed five basic office cleaning tips for you:

Keep Your Bathroom Clean

Cleaning in office bathrooms cannot be taken for granted because this can affect the productivity of your employees. The unhygienic environment in the bathroom can make your employees feel sick, and if they don’t feel well, then they cannot deliver their best. Moreover, it damages your reputation among your office visitors if they have to use unclean bathrooms.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Kitchens needs to be cleaned comprehensively and everything should be stored properly so that nothing should be thrown here and there. If your kitchen is disorganized and dirty, pests like rats and cockroaches will invest the area creating an unhygienic environment.

Clean Workstation Thoroughly

The workstation must be cleaned thoroughly. Table, chair, computers, mice, and workstation phones should be properly cleaned with a quality organic product. If workstations are not cleaned thoroughly, they will make your employees feel sick, which could result in them struggling to deliver their best. To maintain cleanliness at workstations, you should keep one dustbin at each workstation, and instruct your employees to use them for useless, wrapper, and other waste materials. Additionally, make sure the dustbin should be emptied every day.

Keep Your Conference Room Clean

As conference rooms are used for meetings, their cleaning is taken for granted. They are cleaned when a meeting is scheduled, so when an urgent meeting is organized, the conference room looks dirty. Therefore, you should make sure the conference room in your office is cleaned daily.

Keep The door Knobs Clean

Door knobs are a significant source of bacteria and germs. When people come to their office and open the door, they leave or carry bacteria and germs from the knobs of their homes, cars and anywhere else they may have stopped before work that day. Therefore, you should make sure the door knobs of your office are cleaned properly. We recommend you install a sanitizer container at the door and require everybody to apply sanitizer liquid on their hands before touching the knobs.

Considering these basic office cleaning tips will help you create a clean and healthy environment in your office.