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Five Common Cleaning Mistakes

Every property, whether it is a residential or commercial property, require serious attention concerning cleaning because the health and well-being of people very much depends on the indoor environment that exists within a property. Most people understand the importance of cleaning, however what is most bizarre is that people believe cleaning a property is such an easy task that anybody can perform. Because of this they don’t understand the need to hire somebody for this, they don’t consider at all if that person has obtained any professional training regarding it or not, and that untrained person makes many mistakes while cleaning.

Five Common Cleaning Mistakes

Here are five common mistakes that untrained cleaners make:

Scrubbing Carpet Stains

Scrubbing carpet stains does not help but instead make it worse. An untrained cleaner may belief it to be the best way to remove the stains. But, indeed, you cannot be sure if scrubbing removes the stain, but you can be sure that the scrubbing will cause permanent damage to your carpet. The reality is, blotting is more effective and harmless. So rather than scrubbing, stains should be blotted with a paper towel. Pour water in a very small amount on the stain and then blot it with the paper towel you have. Then, apply a quality stain remover appropriate for your carpet fabric to remove the stain.

Cleaning Visible Surfaces Only

Untrained cleaners focus on visible surfaces only. They clean them properly and in the process ignore other places. The unforeseen places to the untrained eye give rise to dust, debris, bacteria, and pests. So, it is important to focus on every nook and cranny of the room.

Cleaning Window Glasses On A Sunny Day

Cleaning window glasses on a sunny day leaves smears on the glasses. So, the window glasses should be cleaned after the sunset or on a cloudy day.

Not Cleaning Cleaning-Equipment Properly

Untrained cleaners don’t clean the cleaning-equipment properly after their cleaning job is done. This gives place to bacteria and germs. So, you should make it sure that the cleaning tools are properly cleaned after they are used.

Therefore, if you want to hire somebody to clean your residential or commercial property, then approach an expert in professional cleaning services Vancouver. That expert will make your property spic-and-span and germ-free.