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Five Ways to Keep Commercial Kitchens Clean

Commercial kitchens needs wide-range cleaning because the dirt in the environment can make many people sick and even cause a fire. Grease, smoke, bacteria, and dirt are very common in kitchens, and they accumulate on different objects in the kitchen if not cleaned properly.

In this blog, we are going to share some ways commercial kitchens can eliminate grease, smoke, bacteria, and dirt and keep the kitchen clean.

Clean the Hoods And Vents

The accumulation of grease and dust on hoods and vents increases the risk of fire in the kitchen. Therefore, you should ensure their proper cleaning so that no grease, dust, and smoke particles should be stuck to them. This will reduce its fire hazard to a large extent.

Clean Walls & Ceiling

Most people ignore walls and ceiling, but you should not. Take them as seriously as you take counter tops and utensils. The walls and ceiling attract grease, grime, and smoke that make your kitchen look dirty and cause an odor.

Clean the Cabinets, Counter tops, and Appliances

Dirty cabinets, counter tops, and kitchen appliances like refrigerators can have grease, dust, and bacteria. Therefore, they should be cleaned regularly. Cleaning them properly will protect food and raw materials placed on/in them from being contaminated.

Clean the Floor

Floor needs to be properly cleaned daily. It would be better to ask your kitchen staff to remove the footwear at the kitchen’s doorstep. Shoes, sandals, and slippers have dust, debris, bacteria, and germs on their soles that pollute the kitchen’s environment. If everybody removes their shoes on the entrance, your kitchen will remain safe from dust, debris, bacteria. Moreover, ask everybody to wear disposable gloves and use new gloves daily.

Use Green Cleaning Products

Ask your cleaning staff to use green cleaning products to clean your kitchen. Chemical based cleaning products can make kitchen environment unhealthy. Plus, if food, raw materials, and utensils are exposed to the chemicals, they can become dangerous to consumers. Moreover, ask your cleaning staff to wear protective eyeglasses and gloves while cleaning the kitchen.

Considering these ideas will help you make your kitchen a clean place.

However, the best way to make your kitchen hygienic is to hire a professional cleaning services provider. They are trained and experienced people. They are familiar with the lodging spaces of grease, smoke, bacteria, and germs and are also knowledge of how to clean different objects or appliances in your kitchen without causing any damage and creating health hazards. On the other hand, if you have your in-house cleaning team that has not taken any training then your kitchen may experience damages because of their services.

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