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How can you Efficiently Clean Glass Windows?

Pollution and filth can build up on your windows, both inside and out, over time, limiting your views and preventing valuable sunshine. Improper cleaning can leave thick stains behind. Thus, you should opt for a window washing service in Surrey from the experts at AJP Building & Maintenance Services Ltd. They offer the best window washing services at affordable prices. They also specialize in offering janitorial services to a diverse clientele, including private, retail, oil and gas, commercial, government, energy, and resources, across Surrey, Vancouver, Langley, Richmond, and White Rock. Let’s discuss how you can effectively clean glass windows.

Tips to clean your glass windows with ease

Windows not only make your home appearance clean but also make sure that you can experience the outside view. For the best window washing service in Surrey take help from professionals who can easily get clean windows. Let’s look at some tips to make your glass windows shine like a new!

  • Cleaning your windows on a sunny day.

If you clean your windows in the hot sun, they may dry on the hot windows before you get a chance to wipe them off thereby producing difficult-to-remove streaks. Start on the shaded side of the house if the weather isn’t cooperating.

  • Sweep the dirt first

Sweep debris off the window frame with a brush before starting or suction it up with a handheld vacuum or your machine’s dust attachment. When dirt is combined with a cleaner, it will not develop into a muddy mess. If your window screen is very filthy, remove it and scrub it with hot sudsy water and a gentle brush and then rinse and dry before replacing it.

  • Don’t hold back on the spray

Don’t be stingy with the spray, especially if your windows are filthy. You may need a lot of cleaning solutions to dissolve and suspend the dirt so it can be wiped away entirely or you may end up with streaks. You can make the use of an invisible glass cleaner in which the fine mist will stay where you can spray until you wipe it. This means fewer drips and mess.

These are some tips you can follow to get your window clean. You can easily take window washing service in Surrey to get the best and cleaned windows at your place.