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How To Keep Your Office Desks Clean

Office desk is the most important but most overlooked places in every office. Employees work form their desks for their organization, helping their organization to accomplish their commitments and build their credibility. But, this is the place most ignored in offices when it comes to cleaning which also can affect the health of employees as well.

Office Cleaning Desk

Here are some great tips to keep office desks clean.

1. You should create a list of do’s and don’ts regarding using the workstation that should evidently refer to what employees are supposed to do and what not to do when at their office desks. This is important because most workers have a bad habit of leaving files, lunch boxes, notepads amongst other things on their office desks, and not putting them away until they are requested to do so. Keeping everything on the office desk makes it messy and full of negative energy that affects the productivity of your employees. But, pinpointing every time also creates a negative environment in the office.

2. Proper disinfection is the second step to keep office desks clean in your office. Your employees touch the keyboards, computer screens, desks, drawers, etc. at their workstation. The desks should be cleaned with disinfecting wipes. Every corner and object like computer screen, mouse, keyboard, and chair should be properly wiped.

3. Drawers should be given proper attention. They should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Then cleaned with a disinfection wipe. If there are stains on drawers, then you should clean it warm soapy water, make them dry with a dry cloth piece, and wipe them with disinfection wipes.

4. Install a box for sanitizers on every workstation. Ask your employees to clean their hands before touching anything on the workstation and before leaving it. This will not only keep the items on every station bacteria-free but also allow them to go germ-free.

Implementing these suggestions will help you keep your not only office desks but also whole work stations clean.

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