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How to Know if You Are Getting Good Janitorial Services in Vancouver

If you own an organization, or building that is cleaned by janitorial services in Vancouver then you want to know that you are receiving the best janitorial service possible. There are some things you can look out for from your janitorial services provider that we will detail in this post. This way, you will know whether your janitorial service is worth it, or if you should be looking elsewhere for janitorial services in Vancouver.

Building Maintenance

You should have your janitorial service in Vancouver carry out regular building maintenance and quality control. Janitorial services in Vancouver are there to simply mind the everyday cleanliness of the building, but also to ensure that the infrastructure and the things inside it are in good working order. This is extremely important for health and safety reasons and if you have concerns that your janitorial services in Vancouver are not carrying out building maintenance and quality control then you should think about switching to a janitorial services in Vancouver firm that does.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

When it comes to the products that janitorial services in Vancouver use, you want to be sure that they are both safe for humans and environmentally friendly. There is enough pollution in the world already and you don’t have to contribute to it through your janitorial services in Vancouver. Some janitorial services in Vancouver use cheap cleaning products that can be harmful to the environment and this is not a good service to be using.

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Recorded Actions

Good janitorial services in Vancouver will record their day’s work in a log book. This way you can question anything you notice that might be different and unappealing to you, or similarly praise something that they are doing well. Keeping a logbook for janitorial services in Vancouver means that nothing will be missed and your premises will remain clean and hygienic.

At AJP Building Maintenance Services, we offer all of the above when it comes to janitorial services in Vancouver. If you are currently disappointed with your janitorial services in Vancouver provider and feel that you are not getting the quality, or services that you are paying for, get in touch with us and you will soon see the difference.