Post by: Admin July 20, 2020

How to Prevent Flu from Spreading

If somebody in your home has got cold, then it becomes necessary for you to take measures to prevent the flu from spreading from one person to another and making everybody in your family sick.

Here are the steps to prevent flu from spreading.

Quarantine the sick person

The cold can spread from the sick person to other healthy members of your family through sneezes, coughs, and talks. So, this is necessary to make a distance from that person until they recover. It will be better to stay almost 6 feet away from that person. Since the flu can spread from touching those surfaces that sick person touches, keep the sick person confined to one room and one bathroom. It will protect the other members of the family from getting infected.

Disinfect the surfaces

As we have already mentioned that the virus can spread to other family members if they touch the surfaces that the sick person has touched, it is necessary to disinfect all surfaces properly, especially the sick person’s bedroom and bathroom. Besides, all other places where they have moved.

To disinfect the surfaces and objects that the sick person has touched, you can use a quality disinfectant.  Wipe the surface with the disinfectant and let it dry. Another option to disinfect your home is to add one cup bleach powder to one-gallon water and wipe all the objects and surfaces using that solution. Then wait for ten to 15 minutes and then rinse everything properly. After it, dry all surfaces properly.

Be careful while cleaning and disinfecting your home not to spread the germs unintentionally. After wiping the floors and surfaces, soak that cleaning cloth in the bleach and water solution for 15 to 20 minutes. Also, don’t reuse that cleaning cloth in other parts of your home.

Even though we have informed you how you can disinfect your home to avoid flu from spreading in other members of your family, we will advise you to hire professional disinfecting and sanitation services for the task. The reason is, a little mistake in disinfecting can spread the infection as well as cause health hazards because many disinfectants have chemicals that need to be used with cautions. Professional disinfecting and sanitation services have the skills, tools, and experience to perform the job. So, they will do it correctly.