Post by: Admin March 7, 2016

Looking for an eco-friendly janitorial service that you can trust?

These days, it is becoming more and more important to look after our one and only planet Earth. Many people are taking small steps in their home and work life to counteract environmental pollution. At the forefront of change, many office spaces are beginning to set a great example by transforming into “eco-friendly offices”, by making changes such as implementing comprehensive recycling systems to minimize waste and taking other steps, such as becoming ‘paperless’ offices, or even using solar energy to power all of their office equipment.

It is important to take any step we can to protect our environment, so why not consider switching to a 100% eco-friendly janitorial service to clean your office space?

Check out the services of AJP Building Maintenance today! AJP proudly uses ONLY green cleaning products to conduct their janitorial services. The AJP cleaning team are careful to use products that contain no harsh chemical, or strong artificial fragrances. Instead, the cleaning products used are largely based on biodegradable materials and natural enzymes to break down dirt, dust and greasy surfaces. The green cleaning products used by AJP are also made with 100% natural fragrances, such as tea tree or lavender, which are pleasurable to smell, without having any ill effect on the health of your employees.

AJP offers fantastic customized cleaning plans that allow them to meet the specific needs of businesses. Whether your company needs daily, weekly or monthly cleaning services, or a variety of services at different times, the team from AJP Building Maintenance will make sure you get exactly what you need. AJP Building Maintenance offers a wide array of services from washroom and kitchen cleaning to window cleaning and intensive carpet cleaning.

So make the change and set an important example to your employees, clients and stakeholders by transforming to an eco-friendly work environment. AJP Building Maintenance services will be there to support you 100% of the way and will ensure that your office is beautifully clean and, most importantly, safe for the people in it, as well as for the Earth.

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