Post by: Admin February 20, 2015

Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company in Vancouver

The market is currently abuzz with many cleaning companies offering you the best job. Some of them are genuinely interested in offering you the best service; while some are busy making the money out of poor show. It is important that you hire nothing short of the best service in Vancouver.

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Post by: Admin January 8, 2015

Professional Cleaning Services for your Apartment

So, you are a working parent, single mother or have a hectic work schedule, it is hard for you to find time for weekly or monthly clean ups. This is where you can hire the services of a professional apartment cleaning company in Vancouver. You can be rest assured that you will have a sparkling clean apartment in no time!

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Post by: Admin December 12, 2014

Gift of a Clean Working Environment on this Christmas

With the town going berserk over the holiday season drawing closer, it’s Christmas cleaning time again! Offices, commercial complexes, retail outlets, shopping malls, public parks, homes and residential places are all getting into the cleaning drive and preparing to welcome the season of happiness and celebration. How clean is your office this season? Got the right team to do the honors for you?

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Post by: Admin October 6, 2014

How do Pressure Washing Services help in Home Maintenance?

Many homeowners wish to make their homes look better for which they consider getting various home maintenance services. They consider home cleaning, window washing and lawn maintenance but forget to consider their sidewalk and siding cleaning. Due to this, sidewalk and sidings are more prone to problems like mold that can be a problem for allergic people. Getting pressure washing done by professionals brings along following benefits:

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Post by: Admin August 18, 2014

How Clean Windows Reflect Your Business Profile?

It is extremely important for any commercial establishment to have a healthy and clean environment. It puts the best foot forward for the business as well as gives a clean and comfortable working environment. Clean windows are an important requirement and are part of clean habits of a business. Cleanliness is required to safeguard the health of your employees and those who enter your premises.

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Post by: Admin July 7, 2014

9 Simple Cleaning Tips for your Home

Cleaning services are in great demand. But do you know there are few easy tips that can help you clean. Choose from the simple and natural solutions that work wonders to your home. 1. If you are sick of gummy residue of shop stickers, use Eucalyptus oil that effectively removes the leftover.

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Post by: Admin June 6, 2014

Professional Retail Cleaning and its Benefits

It may be a large chain of retail stores or a small corner store; cleanliness helps in attracting a large number of customers. Regardless of a survey has been done in this regard; it is pure common sense that nobody would love to get into a dirty and dusty shop. Store managers and owners should make sure that the racks, cabinets, furniture and all the products in the store should be neatly organized, clean and look attractive. To keep a facility clean should be the main motto of any retail store owner.

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Post by: Admin April 9, 2014

Useful Tips for Cleaning your Workplace

Your workplace is your worship area. It is wisely said that a cluttered desk results in a cluttered mind. One needs to keep their surroundings and workstation clean and clear of dust and dirt. We are listing some useful tips for you to quickly some overlooked areas in the workplace. These commercial cleaning methods will come in handy to keep off dirt and stains from spoiling the image of your business. Some of the top business cleaning tips: 1. Your glassware can have the nasty glue sticking on it even after you have removed the label. All you need to do is use some peanut butter on the glue and rub it with your hand and it will be gone. Your shiny glassware will be free of the glue. 2. Time and again we have dropped candle wax either on the carpet or the fabric sofa in our office cabin. If we happen to drop candle wax in the reception area then it can be even more serious. We can use a simple trick by taking a brown paper bad and tearing it open. Place it on the candle wax and iron it. The wax will melt into the bag and your carpet will be free of it. 3. Do you have metal sinks in the pantry or other areas of the workplace? If you can see rust on them, then use this simple trick with baking soda. Wet the rust in the sink and pour baking soda on it. Leave it overnight. The next day, you can run water and wipe the stain out completely. 4. Sparkling clean sinks is achievable by using different cleaners. Something as simple as a furniture cleaner can also be used to clean the sinks and give them a sparkling new look. The water will also not leave any spots in your sinks if you use this cleaner.

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