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Should You Opt for Electrostatic Disinfection Janitorial Services?

The pandemic has created the worst situation that leads everyone to focus on being careful and safe. Therefore, many people are opting for various disinfecting methods to clean their facilities. If you are one of them, then you should get janitorial cleaning services from experts like AJP Building Maintenance Ltd. They are experts in providing janitorial cleaning Vancouver services. There are various methods of cleaning surfaces. One of them is the electrostatic disinfection method. This type of method was developed and patented in late 1940. Many people have started using this method to clean surfaces. This is because it has the ability to disinfect large and inconspicuous surfaces.

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss brief information about electrostatic disinfection and how it is useful to clean surfaces. There are many reasons that indicate you should opt for this method. So, let us get started on our introduction to the electrostatic disinfection service.

Introduction to electrostatic disinfection

Electrostatic disinfection is a type of service that is used to clean surfaces by spraying electrostatically charged mist. It can be sprayed on different objects and surfaces to make them clean. It is similar to the solution provided by sprayers, sanitizers, cleaners, and disinfectants. This solution can be combined with air and atomized with the electrode inside it. The mist particles that come with this electrostatic disinfection method are positively charged, and they cling to coat on any surface. Thus, it is widely used to clean infected areas. You can get this janitorial cleaning service from experts. So, this is all about what electrostatic disinfection is, now let us focus on how it works.

How does electrostatic disinfection system work?

This type of cleaning system is charged with electrostatic particles that are electrically charged and allow cleaners and sanitizers to clean the surface effectively. It can be used by adding a coat of it on all types of surfaces. As a sprayer, it discharges electrostatic particles that contain a positive charge. When these positive particles get attracted to all negative surfaces then they will cover the visible area and act as a sanitizing agent. Therefore, many people opt for these janitorial cleaning services from experts to clean their surfaces.

Is it safe to use an electrostatic disinfection system?

Many people get confused by the positive electric charge used in electrostatic systems. This is because this charge contains chemicals that can make people think twice before using it. But, you will be happy to know that the particles generated from this disinfection system are safe for humans as well as the environment. The electrostatic mist is distributed in a fine way that will not harm anyone. So, you can effectively make use of an electrostatic disinfection system.


Here in this blog, we have discussed briefly about electrostatic disinfection. You can get janitorial cleaning Vancouver services from experts to make your surfaces clean and free of germs.