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Some Common Myths About Pressure Washing

There are several myths associated with pressure washing, and some of them are quite prevalent than others. Knowing the truth of these myths is really important because they put across wrong facts believing which people make mistakes. In this blog, we are going to debunk some very common pressure washing myths.

Pressure Washing Services Surrey

Myth 1:

Pressure washing is risk-free because you use water with force.


Though pressure washing cleaning is using the water with force to clean the property, calling it safe will not be more than assumption. The water pressure can damage your property, your valuable belongings, and injure you as well. Thus you cannot take pressure cleaning for granted. You should pay proper attention to pressure washing and do it carefully.

Myth 2:

You can clean everything with the same water pressure.


This is again an illusion about pressure cleaning. You cannot do it. Different items need different water pressure. You should see the item first and then decide what water force you should apply to that item. For delicate items like plants, you need very slow water force.

Myth 3:

Pressure washing means washing with water only


The process is named pressure cleaning because water pressure is used to clean the property, but this does not mean that only water is used in the process. In addition to water, cleaning detergent is also used in the cleaning process.

Myth 4:

Pressure cleaning is an easy job, so you should consider a company offering the lowest price.


People who call pressure cleaning to be an easy job indeed they don’t understand the meaning of pressure cleaning. The pressure cleaning is a job that requires serious attention and the right cleaning detergent to ensure proper cleaning of the property without causing any damage to anything. You cannot apply cleaning detergent on everything. Can you apply it on the plants? You cannot. Moreover, you cannot apply the same detergent for everything. Therefore, this is important to stop the detergent release when that is not required.

Myth 5:

There is no need to hire a professional service for pressure washing cleaning


If you intend to clean your property yourself as this will save you some dollars, you are going to do more loss than what you will save. As you are not a cleaning pro, you can make mistakes that can be much bothering for you.

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