Post by: Admin September 8, 2019

Some Common Wood Fence Problems

A fence is an important structure for your property because it protects your privacy and does not allow your kids and pets to go out of your campus. However, despite your best efforts, your fence will encounter some damage over time because it remains exposed to severe weather conditions.

In this blog, we will discuss some major problems that you can encounter with your wood fence.

Termite Damage

Termites attack wood fences that have excessive moisture. The only solution to this problem is, immediate replacement of infected wood portions; otherwise, the termite will eat away the entire wood fence. If termites have already captured a large part of your fence, you will have to get the entire fence replaced. Instead of taking any other wood, go for cedar fence because it is resistant to termites and insects.

Rot Damage

Wood fences are highly susceptible to rot. Once rotten, wood fences become useless and need replacement. If your wood fence has also rotten, it will need to be replaced. If you want to choose wood again, select cedar because it can deal with extreme weather conditions and does not rot at all.

Broken or Fallen Panels

Extreme weather conditions and mishandling of fences can cause fence panels to break or fall. The good thing is they can be repaired. However, if you have cedar fence, you have a good reason to rejoice because bad weather conditions cannot damage your fence. If your cedar fence is damaged, it gets damaged because of mishandling. The good news, cedar can be repaired. You should call an expert in cedar fence repair in Surrey to fix it.

Above-mentioned are some common problems of wood fences. If you have cedar fence in your home and that gets damaged, call us. We provide specialized cedar fence repair in Surrey.