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Tips For Cleaning Hotel Rooms

Here are some helpful ideas to help you in hotel room cleaning.

De-clutter The Room First

Before you begin the cleaning task, this is important to organize the room first. Keep everything in their place. Once you do this, the room will start looking cleaner. It would seem to you like you have done half job and half is left. So, you would be able to able to put the right energy in the job.

Tips For Cleaning Hotel Rooms

Wear The Cleaning Dress, Goggles, And Mask

Once you organize the room, put on cleaning dress and goggles first. Wearing them is important because cleaning products may contain chemicals exposure to which can cause harm to your skin, eyes, and lungs.

Open The Windows

You should always remember it that you should open all the windows before you embark on the cleaning task. The open windows will allow the natural light to enter the room, increasing the visibility. That will make cleaning easier. Plus, as you are using cleaning products that comprise chemicals, opened windows will ensure ventilation. Furthermore, it will be good for the room environment.

Vacuum Before Mopping

Vacuuming the floor before mopping will eliminate the probability of wet dirt on the floor. Wet dirt will make cleaning harder. Therefore, you should remove the dust before you mop. Start the mopping from the far corner and then clean complete room and go to the door. This way, you will not leave any traces of dirt in the room.

Clean Bathroom In The Last

If the hotel room has an attached bathroom, then don’t clean the bathroom first. Considering the bathroom a small place to clean, many people initiate with the bathroom. Clean the hotel room first. Once you clean the hotel room properly, then touch the attached bathroom.

Following these tips will allow you to ensure proper cleaning hotels rooms.

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