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Top 5 Ideas for Painting Your Teenager’s Bedroom

There will be a time when your kids become teenagers and need you to give them space to solidify their identities and lifestyle choices and viewpoints. This can include anything from diet choices, a newly developed sense of style, and most definitely interior décor that speaks of their newly emerging sense of identity and personal taste. This can begin with re-doing a teenager’s personal sanctuary- their bedroom! Check our tips for transforming a teenager’s bedroom as per their personality and taste using different paint colours and design elements.

Top 5 Ideas for Painting Your Teenager’s Bedroom

Painting their room where they spend most of their time is a great start. For painting services in Lower Mainland, you can contact our team at AJP Building Maintenance Limited for help. Here are 5 crucial guides for painting your teen’s room, so they feel right in their space.

  1. Share Options with Them

You both might have a different colour taste for the room and that’s completely fine. You can share several other shades with them instead of saying “no” to any colour. This way, you can make them feel it was ultimately their selection and avoid having a hideous colour in your house. Communication in understanding their need is key!

  1. Keep it Bright

Light paint colours tend to produce happier, more optimistic, and hopeful feelings.

However, if your teen chooses a darker colour, let the painter colour one wall darker and the rest three walls in a lighter shade. Sometimes a darker shade on one wall works as an accent to emphasize posters, photo collages, and artwork of your teen. Bright colours are also proved to be uplifting. Regardless of the shade, your teenager needs the room to feel at home and create a positive environment for studying and homework time.

  1. Have them Help

Your teen will enjoy the newly painted room if they have a hand painting made by them on it. Letting them participate in the paint selection gives them a sense of accomplishment and confidence. This can mean choosing the shade of paint, adding accents and touches in terms of furniture or showpiece items, or even adding or removing flooring.

Hiring painting services in Lower Mainland from professionals is a sure way to make ensure the paint job is done professionally!

  1. Research is Important

Before you choose a colour, do some research. Browse unique colours and opt for the popular ones. You can also take ideas from different places and create a unique look for your teen’s room anywhere online such as Pinterest or other interior decorating websites.

  1. Don’t feel compelled to choose Typical Colours

Don’t feel confined to the typical colours you might find in teen rooms. Spend some time getting to know your teenager and discovering their hobbies and interests. Having paint colours that suit their taste and personality will make their personal space feel like home and speak of their style. While some prefer colours that will act as background colours, others might want to add boldness and eccentricity that will speak of their individuality.

Painting a teen’s room is fun to let them enjoy some responsibility and create something of their own. Professional painting services in Lower Mainland done by our team AJP will provide superior and unmatchable services and can offer you professional advice on decorating your teen’s room. Call us for your next painting job for great service and turnaround time at a reasonable cost today!