Post by: Admin January 11, 2021

Top 5 Snow Shoveling Tips to Prevent Injuries

When the temperature gets colder, the days get shorter. The snow and ice that may be around the corner can cause injuries if you are not shoveling properly. Do you know that snow shoveling can strain the heart and can lead to life-threatening injuries? Yes, this is true. Therefore, you should call for snow shoveling services from experts like AJP Building Maintenance Services Ltd. The well-trained snow shoveling experts on their team will clear the snow from your area at affordable prices. If you are going to shovel snow by yourself, then you should take some preventive measures.Here in this blog, we have discussed some tips that you can follow while shoveling snow by yourself. These tips will help you to prevent injuries.

Snow shoveling tips to prevent an accident from occurring

The first and foremost thing you should consider is to salt your driveway or sidewalk before the snow starts falling in your area. This will prevent you from falling when you start shoveling snow yourself. If you do not have any experience in shoveling snow yourself, then we recommend that you get snow shoveling services from our experts.

Before you start shoveling snow, make sure you warm up your body for about 10 minutes. This will prepare your body for vigorous activity. To do a warm-up, you can follow some exercises like squats, walking, windmills, or just stretching yourself.

If you are going to do snow shoveling for the first time, then we recommend you start early. It will be easier for you to shovel snow that is freshly fallen in your area. A 2-inch deep layer of snow is easier to shovel than 6-inch deep snow. Therefore, if prolonged snowfall is expected, then you should clear a few inches of snow that has already gathered outside your house, rather than waiting until it stops snowing.

Try to push snow rather than lifting it. This will make your snow shoveling process much faster and less strenuous. When you do lift shovelfuls of snow, make sure they are not too heavy. If the snow is wet, do not scoop much at a time, as you can strain your back lifting it.

While doing snow shoveling, your body needs to be hydrated well. Therefore, it is important for you to take breaks and drink water to avoid dehydration.

These are five tips you must consider if you are shoveling snow yourself. Those who do not want to shovel snow themselves don’t have to! They can call for snow shoveling services to ensure complete safety and proficiency in snow removal.