Post by: Admin April 9, 2014

Useful Tips for Cleaning your Workplace

Your workplace is your worship area. It is wisely said that a cluttered desk results in a cluttered mind. One needs to keep their surroundings and workstation clean and clear of dust and dirt. We are listing some useful tips for you to quickly some overlooked areas in the workplace. These commercial cleaning methods will come in handy to keep off dirt and stains from spoiling the image of your business.

Some of the top business cleaning tips:

1. Your glassware can have the nasty glue sticking on it even after you have removed the label. All you need to do is use some peanut butter on the glue and rub it with your hand and it will be gone. Your shiny glassware will be free of the glue.

2. Time and again we have dropped candle wax either on the carpet or the fabric sofa in our office cabin. If we happen to drop candle wax in the reception area then it can be even more serious. We can use a simple trick by taking a brown paper bad and tearing it open. Place it on the candle wax and iron it. The wax will melt into the bag and your carpet will be free of it.

3. Do you have metal sinks in the pantry or other areas of the workplace? If you can see rust on them, then use this simple trick with baking soda. Wet the rust in the sink and pour baking soda on it. Leave it overnight. The next day, you can run water and wipe the stain out completely.

4. Sparkling clean sinks is achievable by using different cleaners. Something as simple as a furniture cleaner can also be used to clean the sinks and give them a sparkling new look. The water will also not leave any spots in your sinks if you use this cleaner.

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