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Cleaning tips alone are never enough to keep your office and premises spic-and-span. One needs a to-do checklist for a commercial property. We highlight some of the vital points that you might miss over time. These points assist you, along with your cleaning guidelines, to have a clean and well-maintained workplace and business.


General cleaning of the bathroom is a must. Proper cleaning of the grout is important to keep off the growth of mildew and other contaminants.

Décor- Cleaning of the different decorative pieces in the bathroom is a much overlooked part of maintenance. Every decorative item also gets dirty with time.

Floorboards- They can become dirty and stained with time if not maintained properly. Every floorboard in your office premises needs to be washed and cleaned at least once a week.


Appliances in the kitchen need to be unplugged and washed on a regular basis. However, remember not to submerge these appliances, as they can be damaged due to water infiltration and insufficient drying.

It is also important to move both heavy, as well as light appliances to clean the dust and debris underneath them.

Your refrigerator is one of the major places that works as a breeding ground for bacteria. Clean it out once in every 2-3 months and also remember to defrost the freezer and wash it thoroughly.

If there are old products that have expired in your kitchen or pantry, just do away with them. Storing them takes up a lot of space and they are no longer healthy to be used.

Lastly, dust and clean your cupboards and pantry. Your kitchen needs to be hygienic, as meal preparation and serving takes place here. The counter top is equally important.

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