“Safety First” is the motto of our company


“Safety First” at AJP!

AJP Building Maintenance is BIG on safety. We value the safety at workplace more than anything. It might well be your motto too. You can choose the safest and the most reliable ways of cleaning your commercial and strata property. We are one of the best cleaning companies in the region who passionately dedicate their services to a completely safe and professional company.

We undertake the best safety measures in order to ensure that all our employees are safe. We ensure that the workplace is safe for each and every employee and that there is the least possible scope of any injury or mishap. We have also started an occupational health and safety program that is specifically structured and put into force for preventing mishaps and accidents at the workplace.

Our staff and sub-contractors are well-trained to work in different conditions and property. They are provided detailed instructions and guidelines on how to react in specific situations keeping themselves safe and free of injury. At no point of time, do we entertain offenders of our safe work program. We take the safety of our employees very seriously and ensure that the safety norms are well followed at our premises.

Therefore, our customers can be sure about the fact that we value safety just like you. We are reputed to be one of the safest cleaning service providers to hire as well as work for. Our long list of repeat customers vouch for our professionalism and love for safe and satisfactory work at all times.

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