Gutter Cleaning Services in Surrey

Gutter Cleaning Services in Surrey

Do you have blockages in your gutters?

AJP Building Maintenance Ltd. offers specialized gutter cleaning services in Surrey, Vancouver, Delta, Langley, Lower Mainland BC to ensure that your gutters are properly draining.

Call 604-644-4353 for Online estimates/appointments! We offer gutter cleaning services in Vancouver and high-quality and cost-effective gutter systems across Metro Vancouver and Surrey areas. Our gutter cleaning service removes all algae, moss & debris from the gutters, flush the downspouts & gutters & screws & fix loose gutters. Read our Google Reviews.

Extreme Gutter Cleaning

Our trained and experienced gutter cleaning professionals clean out the installed gutters properly, so that no obstruction impedes the flow of water.

We have all of the advanced tools and equipment to thoroughly clean gutters, inside and out. We offer complete gutter and drainage inspection, to check for possible blockages and remove them, as well as repair any damage found.We check the drains and downspouts for obstructions and clear them, to ensure the free flow of water.

We also resolve leaks and pooling water issues, which can cause significant damage to your property, if left untreated.We detect and fix these problems at an affordable price.

Gutter Faces and Flashing

We clean the Aluminum gutter faces and the flashing trim on the built-in gutters using environmentally friendly cleaning products.

The outsides of your gutters can be marked by tiger striping, from water flowing over the sides when they are clogged. In this case, we hand scrub them to clean them and restore their neat, clean appearance.

Gutter Guard

Using gutter guards prevents any foreign object entering into the gutters and causing blockages. We offer a number of gutter guard choices, which will help you in cutting down on your maintenance costs.

Benefits to gutter guards:

  • Gutter guards stop debris from getting into the gutters.
  • Using gutter guards help in the maintenance of drains and gutters. You no longer have to clear blockages, or clean the drains annually.
  • Using gutter guards help in stopping gutters from premature rusting, due to moist debris settling at the bottom. Therefore, gutter guards increase the life expectancy of the gutters.
  • Gutter guards prevent pooling water, so that it does not become a breeding area for mosquitoes and other insects.

Contact us today for gutter cleaning services and gutter guard installation in Vancouver, Surrey, Delta, Langley, Lower Mainland BC .We will guide you with the best cleaning and maintenance services to keep your property in good repair.

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