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Ice Melts Surrey, Vancouver, Lower Mainland

Ajp StaffSalt has been traditionally used for de-icing since the 1940s, for roads and private properties, allowing for safe travel for motorists and enabling commercial vehicles and emergency vehicles to continue to provide service in even the toughest winter conditions. For parking lots, pathways and sidewalks, salt and ice melts also allow pedestrians to walk safely, preventing falls and injuries.

There are several different formulations for ice melts, but they all work by creating a brine solution when salt is applied to ice and snow. This brine has a lower freezing temperature, melting the ice and eliminating the slippery conditions which are so hazardous. In Canada, rock salt is the primary type of ice melt salt used. It is mined from the earth and does not require additional processing before being used. It is the most economical and efficient de-icer available on the market.

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At AJP, we carry large 44 lb. bags of ice melts, which we sell at special rates. We are your best source for ice melt in Surrey, Vancouver, and the Lower Mainland.

Call us today to stock up on ice melt salt before winter hits, or for quick supply if the ice and snow have already become a hazard.

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