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Restaurant Cleaning Services Vancouver

If you are looking to ensure that your restaurant customers are focused on your delicious and appetizing food and appreciating your inviting and clean dining area, then restaurant cleaning services are the best investment you can make!

AJP Building Maintenance Services provides a wide umbrella of restaurant cleaning services that ensures that you have a clean and welcoming restaurant in a matter of a few hours. We offer regular stationed, as well as contract restaurant cleaning services, as per your preference. We offer service from 1-7 days a week to ensure that your dining area, kitchen and the rest of your premises are sparkling clean.

Hiring Us Is the Best Way to Make a Great Impression!

To ensure that every corner of your restaurant is welcoming and free of dust and dirt, call our expert janitors and cleaners today! We offer completely professional and thorough restaurant cleaning services for the interiors, exteriors, flooring, restrooms, lounge area, carpets, rugs and upholstery, entrance, parking lot, dining area, kitchen, etc., so that your restaurant is always clean and appealing.

Planning a New Restaurant Construction? Book Us In for Final Clean Up!

New construction can leave you with a tough cleaning task to handle, with debris and construction dust piling up. We offer new construction waste clean up and renovation clean up at affordable prices. We use the best cleaning equipment and tools to offer a thorough cleaning, ensuring the finest results at the end of the project.

Nothing Is Too Difficult to Clean!

Challenging areas around the restaurant that are hard to clean, such as a greasy kitchen or well-used restroom area get a thorough clean up in minutes! We specialize in floor care, including floor waxing, stripping and polishing. We use environmentally-friendly cleaning products for all of our services, with experienced and well-trained cleaning professionals hard at work.

Planning a Special Event, Hire the Best Restaurant Cleaning Services!

If you have an important event coming up, or need to get the venue in shape for a special occasion, call our expert cleaners today! We ensure that your restaurant presents an attractive and inviting venue with our detailed restaurant cleaning services.

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