Weekly and monthly cleaning

Weekly and monthly cleaning

Services other then 1 time cleanings will be discounted based on the number of cleanings you request per month.

You can choose to get 1 hour daily cleanings, weekly cleanings, twice weekly cleanings, bi-weekly and monthly.

One Cleaning a month is a deep cleaning, the cost of this will be greatly effected by the number of other cleanings you’ve had through out the month. Why is this? Say for instance you have us in your business, cleaning once a week… The first three weeks we will be on your premises for about 1.5 or 2 hours cleaning the floors and doing some other check list items. Because of this, when it comes time for the deep clean there is not as much grime build up or dust because we’ve been cleaning it all month.

Please contact AJP for an estimate, and figure out the best schedule for you. If you can keep up on daily chores and just want a more detailed cleaning every now and then, the monthly service may be better for you. If you have no time to sweep, mop and sanitize– the twice weekly, or once weekly cleaning may be better. We’ll make sure to find out exactly what your needs are and give you the best quality cleaning, for a price you can afford.

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