At AJP Building Maintenance, we take pride in our professional approach to commercial cleaning services. We book online cleaning services and excellently serve the lower mainland, Surrey, and Vancouver. Our janitorial services ensure that your personal space gets the attention it deserves in terms of cleaning so you feel comfortable and calm.

Commercial Office Cleaning: Elevating Work Environments

You’ll be surprised to know how much work goes into office cleaning. In this space, our efforts go beyond just cleaning. Our meticulous cleaning efforts, down to minor details, make your office a thriving hub of success and creativity and enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction by eliminating pathogens, dust, and dirt. To make a retail establishment a hustling hub with customers thriving, you need the right ambience and aesthetics! AJP’s retail establishment janitorial services ensure that your shops appear to your customers as an inviting haven by capturing all the attention and fostering good vibes.

Industrial Cleaning: Hygiene and Safety Converge

Hygiene and safety are essential in all settings. However, in industrial spaces where numerous workers do their chores in close vicinity, the importance becomes manifold, and cleaning becomes paramount. Our competence in industrial cleaning ensures that your industrial workspace meets all hygiene compliance requirements. We can quickly build an environment where your employees work safely and confidently.

Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning

Truth be told, relocation could be both existing and overwhelming. Our move-in/move-out cleaning services ensure you get a stress-free relocation while moving into a new place and moving out from the old location. We help you gain a fresh start by preparing your new space immaculately. Also, we ensure that your previous area is clean so new occupants can easily transition. Our move-in/move-out cleaning service makes both parties happy and satisfied.

Vaccuming and Mopping Floors

We thoroughly vacuum-clean the floor and then start mopping to eliminate every speck of debris, dust, and dirt. Once the foundation is set, the stage is prepared for a pristine space. We treat every space with utmost care. These spaces range from baseboards often found collecting hidden dust to furniture deserving of a spotless picture-perfect condition. We also give attention to photo frames and other wall-hung electronic gadgets, ensuring everything is noticed in our pursuit of a rigorously clean environment.

Complete Bathroom Revitalization

We extend our professional janitorial services to one of the most crucial spaces in the house or office – the bathrooms. We intensely clean toilets and sinks, counters, tubs, and showers. We attend to every unreachable corner and utilize cleaning material of appropriate strength to ensure your fixtures’ surfaces don’t get harmed and maintain their original shine.

Carpet, Upholstery and Rug Cleaning

We at AJP understand that upholstery and carpets harbour dust and allergens. Hence, they require specialized cleaning. We provide that special cleaning to revitalize these often-overlooked elements and improve your home or office’s air quality. Herein we provide a step-by-step guide on booking a house or office cleaning service that aligns with your cleaning goals.

Research Local Cleaning Services

You can conduct your research to identify the reputed cleaning service providers through Google searching “cleaning service provider near me,” “janitorial service provider near me,” or “same day house cleaning services near me.” You can read reviews left by past clients on online local service directories or Google Business Listings. If you want to maintain peace of mind, go for a cleaning service provider who is well-established and trustworthy.

Our dedication to excellence in cleaning ensures that your property becomes a haven of cleanliness. When you choose AJP, you choose professionals for whom your satisfaction is a priority. Embrace a healthier, more comfortable, clean tomorrow by scheduling a consultation session with us and getting a firsthand experience of the transformation.